Temple City Church

Join our college and young adult crowd through bible study, discussion, and contemporary worship!

Here at Temple City, we have numerous college students and young adults working, worshipping, and praising together to grow themselves in Christ. In this aspect of ministry, we look at how the elementary and basic Christian teachings we have learned throughout our childhood and teenaged years apply to us as we enter the working world and begin looking at starting families. However, we invite anyone of all ages who wish to join us in our unique way of worshipping Jesus.

Our CYA ministry here is known for building a family-like bond with each other as we grow into mature, intellectual Christians. Like our youth ministry, here at Temple City, we strive to break the stereotype that church is boring utilizing challenging social activities, discussions, as well as a lively music ministry to connect each and every individual to Christ while having fun. We are very diverse in ethnic and social culture and we invite any nationality, race, and age to participate in our spiritual journey and mission.

From Sabbath school and bible studies to youth night programs and nature outings, learn about our active High School Youth Ministries department here at the Temple City SDA Church.

Annual tea parties to flower basket making, women's ministries is always looking for help!